What Does Your Pizza Toppings Choice Say About You?

At Fireaway, we get your artisan pizza to you in 180 seconds. Boom. Done. We’re not going to lie, we’re proud of how quickly we can create something so authentic, fresh and delicious and we reckon our pizza game is strong. We know that’s also true of our customers who keep coming back because there is nothing else that tastes this good on the market.

But there are some next level pizza lovers out there in the world too. These people go above and beyond the call of pizza duty. Proper heroes. Here are five of the strangest pizza world records held by people who might love the food almost as much as we do. Almost.

Cheesiest Pizza in the World

In September 2018, Johnny di Francesco smashed the world record for the most variety of cheeses on a pizza when he melted 154 types melted on a single base. Johnny is the brains behind the 400 Gradi restaurant in Melbourne and he felt that he could top (sorry) the previous record of just 111 cheeses on a pizza. Because 111 different kinds of cheese clearly aren’t enough.

Apparently, you can order the record-breaking pizza at his restaurant if you’re ever kicking around Melbourne, but you have to give the chef plenty of warning. They melt all the cheese together and then chill it down into one massive cheesy lump.

Guinness World Records checked it out and found that it was all legit. Imagine being the inspector sent out to check that record. Eating pizza as your job – now that’s a sweet deal.

Largest Collection of Pizza Boxes

Look, we put a lot of effort into the boxes that bear our pizzas, but we don’t expect anyone to keep them forever. Sure, we’ve had a milkshake cup make it all the way to Dubai, but we know a lot of our beautiful packaging ends up in the recycling. We can deal with that.

However, things are different at the home of Scott Wiener of New York. In October 2013, the people that officiate the records nipped round to his house and counted 595 different pizza boxes on display. This isn’t just to do with him being too lazy to take them round to the bins after stuffing his face. It’s his prized collection and it’s earned him a place in the record books that hasn’t been bettered in nearly six years.

Scott is quite the pizza expert though; he runs pizza tours in the Big Apple and across the USA, plus he’s also written a book about the design of pizza boxes through the years.

Highest Pizza Toss

Of course, when you have that beautiful Fireaway pizza in your hand, the only thing on your mind is how soon you can bite into it. Sadly, with pizzas from other firms, who maybe don’t provide the same delicious, fresh, artisan products, that’s not always the case. For Joe Carlucci of Alabama, when he gets hold of a pizza, his first thought is ‘how high can I throw this?’.

Joe holds a couple of pizza world records, including one for the highest pizza toss ever recorded. During an event at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota in April 2006, he threw a pizza six and a half metres into the air. That’s 21 feet 5 inches. He’s a self-confessed ‘pizza nerd’, who has been making them professionally for more than 20 years.

Call us odd, but we think pizzas are for eating, rather than throwing. That’s not just us, right?

Largest Human Image of a Pizza

Enough of those solo Americans hogging all the pizza world records, let’s celebrate the UK’s achievements. We are proud to work with Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat to allow you to sample our amazing pizzas at home, in the office or wherever you are, and the latter is responsible for this record. The largest human image of a pizza.

Just Eat collected 810 people in London in November 2017, all with coloured headwear, and made them stand in a way that made it look like a pizza with dough around the outside and toppings made from tomato sauce, mushrooms, basil, cheese and sweetcorn. They photographed it from above and clinched one of the strangest pizza world records out there.

Longest Pizza Delivery

On a similar pizza delivery theme, we like to reach as many people as possible with our artisan pizzas, but we can’t beat Paul Fenech, who took a pizza from Pizza Opera in Madrid, Spain all the way to Wellington in New Zealand. It took him between 28th June and 1st July 2006 to eventually place it into the hands of Niko Apostolakis as part of a charity awareness campaign for the CanTeen teenage cancer cause.

The distance in total was more than 12,300 miles. Imagine having to do that on one of those pizza delivery scooters. It’s fair to say the pizza was cold by the time it arrived.

Don’t Hold One of the Pizza World Records?

Look, we can’t all be long distance, high tossing, cheesy collectors who take odd pictures. Some of us just love eating fresh, artisan pizza made in 180 seconds. Thankfully, you can get hold of exactly that at your nearest Fireaway Pizza. Just look at the Locations page to find out how you can sample the finest pizza around.

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