What do you think? Do you think you could judge someone’s character or personality by their choice of toppings on a pizza? Well, yes. Think about it, when you have a movie night or a sleepover and want to order pizza, there are always arguments around what toppings to have. Some can’t do spice, some can’t do cheese, some can’t do meat, and some can do EVERYTHING!

To solve this matter, either there is a winner who decides the toppings, or a composition to split the pizza half-and-half or to make everyone fully happy and satisfy, just order 2 or 3 different choice of pizzas.

But through all those toppings disputes, it never emerged that our topping preferences might actually be saying something about our personality. It reminds me of that saying Gok Wan used, you are what you eat.

Fireaway Pizza is a place to really show your personality, be creative, and get that fresh, authentic Italian taste, as you have a wide range of 25 toppings that are fresh, healthy and delicious!

Harmless, Goody 2-Shoes, Sensible

For instance, you may be someone that is simple, someone that is safe, someone that plays by the rules in life, you may generally enjoy the classic original Pizza taste. So, why not choose a delicious Margarita Pizza, topped with rich Tomato Base and cheesy Mozzarella. I would choose to have this!


margarita pizza

Loud, Fierce, Bold

Or, you may be someone that loves spices, loves challenges, someone who is fiery, loud and sexy. What Pizza topping would you choose? Get the BURNER PIZZA. The pizza is topped with Tomato Base, Mozzarella, spicy Chilli, sexy Peppers and hot Jalapenos. YUM! This spicy Pizza will scream in your mouth. Sounds like fun. I would choose to have this!

Fireaway Burner Pizza

Courageous, Daring, Brave

Are you rebellious? Are you someone that is edgy? Someone that does not play by the rules? Are you a meat lover? Tut Tut. Well if I was you, I would go for a naughty, mouth-watering Meathead Pizza, topped with Tomato Base, Mozzarella, Cheese, HAM and PEPPERONI. Sounds nice. I would

choose to have this!

Fireaway Meathead Pizza

Wild, Eccentric, Wacky

Would you consider yourself to be the odd one out, out of your social group? Someone that is out of the ordinary, different from others? Someone with a creative imagination? Let’s explore your wacky personality by choosing the Strawbnutella Pizza. Wondering what is that? Forget a waffle or a crepe. Have you ever had a ‘pizza’ spread with Nutella? Strawbnutella Pizza is topped with sweet, chocolate Nutella spread, fresh slice strawberries, and icing sugar. Delicious! I would choose to have this!

Fireaway Strawbnutella Pizza

Indecisive, Free Spirited, Curiosity

Hmm, can I have tomato base, actually, BBQ base…, no tomato base, with Mozzarella cheese, no, sorry, umm, cheddar, oh no wait that looks interesting, I want Buffalo Mozzarella, with pepperoni, jalapenos, and pineapple. Oh no, not pineapple sorry. Indecisive character? Like a bit of everything on a pizza? Why not split the pizza half-and-half, that way you can choose as many toppings, or cheese, or base that you desire. Someone that acts like this love’s variety, does not like to be tied down to one choice, does not like to be bored and love’s having more than one option. So, have an Italian pizza that you can split in half. For instance, half spicy with meat toppings, and half healthy with vegetables. I would choose to have this!

After reading this you may conclude that yes, I’m greedy, yes I love all Pizza toppings and yes I would eat every single pizza of the above. What does this say about me then?