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Fireaway Take over Konan’s Birthday Party

There are memorable parties that leave a lasting impression on everyone present at the gathering. One of such parties took place on the 2nd September 2021, when Fireaway collaborated with Play Dirty Konan to mark his birthday. It was a trendsetting birthday bash. The special guests for the night consisted of A-list personalities such as Maya Jama, Harry Pinero, Headie One, K Trap, Michael Dapaah, Love Islanders, and many others. Whilst everyone was enjoying themselves and having a swell time, Fireaway was able to deliver pizzas in an extravagant VIP style, with shot girls and champagne sparklers. It was quite a sight! 

Young Jeezy was right when he said, “You gotta have life your way. If you ain’t losing your mind, you ain’t partying right.” Konan’s birthday brought so much fun and pleasure, as the guests in attendance were treated to groovy music full of vibes they could not resist. It’s not surprising that most of them hit the dance floor with total abandonment, dancing, jiving, and having the time of their lives. But then, the fun at the night event was not complete without, of course, the delicious taste of pizza. Hinted at earlier, Fireaway pizza was a major highlight of the party. And the guests were allowed to relish Fireaway pizzas to their fill. 

You may have guessed; the pizzas came with different flavours and exciting tastes to suit the guests’ preferences. The shot girls were everywhere with fascinating fireworks, distributing pizza boxes and serving drinks in honour of the celebrant, Konan. This collaboration with Fireaway is one of the most significant blends of pizza and music. Everyone was super excited because they had more than enough to take, and it was absolutely a special treat. 

Fireaway have plans underway to introduce pizza into the music space. This is why Fireaway is in talks with some of the most prominent players in the music industry, to collaborate with them to bring pizza to guests at music events, festivals, and carnivals. The goal is to ensure everyone enjoys fresh and tasty pizza while they have fun. After all, just like Konan’s birthday, guests were asking for more. 

Remember the saying, “Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Small, large, circle, square, thin crust, thick crust, stuffed crust, and extra toppings.” Fireaway provides pizza in all its variety and makes it easy for you to pick your choice. Reach out to Fireaway today to give flavour to your event. It is such that you will never forget in a lifetime.

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